Do we have a mobile App?

No, soon we will have it.

Do I have a limited storage?

Yes, for now you have 10 GB to use freely on your channel.

Uploading videos cost any fees?

No, it is free services form Zasquad.

What should I focus on while uploading videos?

To upload a pro video, follow up these steps:
• Focus on shooting stable or good quality video.
• Make sure the duration does not exceed 5 minutes.
• Try to isolate the surrounding noises.

Can I update my profile?

Yes, you can update your profile info and upload videos any time.

Are there any tryouts available?

For the main time we do not have tryouts, soon we will have it and we will let you know

What is Zasquad?

Zasquad is a platform which allow you to build up your football CV, leverage your football society and increase your opportuneness to become a professional player. As long as give the scouts and football clubs chances to viewed the players CV’s. In addition, the platform will be the primary reference for all those interested in studying sports management sciences.